Games of Chance

Lucky Train is a game that simulates a train running across the screen, while incorporating the game of bowling. It is a game of chance, and a global game, meaning that multiple lanes (or all lanes) can compete against each other. When the game starts, a bell rings and a train crosses through all of the monitors and stops on the winning lane. This is a special function that is used to select one random winner from a series of lanes or a pair of lanes.

Sledgehammer is a game of chance in which a character hits a lever with a sledgehammer and attempts to make the bell ring. The animation appears on the lane monitors after every frame with the character attempting to hit the bell.

The Birthday Wheel is a chance game based solely on luck, and is designed for children to play during birthday parties. A game wheel or animation will randomly pop up on the screen with the words “win” or “lose.” The wheel will spin for a certain amount of time (which is set by the center), and then will stop on either “win” or “lose.” If the wheel stops on win, then the player wins the game (usually with a prize given out by the center). If the wheel stops on lose, then the player loses and gets nothing.

Similar to regular lotto, several balls are picked and a winner is selected. Several balls will roll onto the screen, and once the customer receives 4 of the same color balls, the customer wins.

Mega Slot is a chance game based solely on luck in which prizes are awarded randomly. Depending on the settings pre-defined when a session is created, the game selects a winner, whom receives a prize. This game displays animations that resemble a slot machine and a winner is selected when 3 identical symbols are displayed.

A game wheel with the words “win” or “lose” will randomly pop up on the screen. If the wheel stops on Win, then the player wins the game.  If a player loses, an animated Santa Claus gives the player a small present and if the player wins, an even bigger gift is given by Santa Claus.

A game wheel will randomly pop up on the screen, the wheel will spin, and randomly say win or lose.