Turn yourself into a toon with YouToons, use Lane Chatter to strike up conversations with people at the other lanes, and share your bowling creations – and your score - on Facebook! It’s all part of the bowling experience at Hooch & Blotto’s Sports Bar & Grill!


Check out the games we have to offer!


Go inside the game! Take your picture from the bowler console and watch yourself turn into a hilarious character on the screen while you bowl!


Theme Games: 

Each bowling environment provides a unique set of themed animations, graphics and scoring grids to enhance the fun. You can choose the environment (or environments) that best fit how you want to play today!

Select from the themes below:

•  Bubble Gum          •  Energy

•  Disco                       •  Classic

•  Christmas Joy       •  Vintage

•  Sport                       •  PBA Tour

•  Half Pin


Mad Games:

Are you looking for something different? Try Mad Games! These shorter games are quick to play, easy to understand, non-scoring - AND FUN! You can even take home a picture of your game!


Monster Factory: Build your own monster as you bowl.


Battle of the Lanes: Attempt to destroy your enemy lanes’ castles.


Character Factory: Build a hilarious character as you bowl.


Bowlin’ Hood: Use your bowling skills to compete in an archery competition. 

Signature Grids:

Personalize your lane and play like a pro with professional tips throughout the game!


Skill & Classic Games:

Enhance the fun component of the competitive experience. These variations of the traditional game allow you to complete in a way that it is easy to follow while still offering the competitive challenge you’re looking for no-matter what your skill level.


Even Better: Be careful to hit an even number of pins, without getting a strike.


Odd Duck: Bowl an odd number of pins, but not a strike.


No Tap: Create your own definition of a strike.


3, 6, 9: Modifies the score and can add an auto-strike to any frame!


Low Game: Give your bowling skills a break, the lower your score the better!


Odds and Evens: Roll an even score and receive a strike. Odd rolls count normally.


Head Hunter: Hit the head pin without getting a strike. Can you do it?


Last Pin Standing: Try to clear all the pins, while keeping the head pin standing.