Birthday Parties

At Hooch & Blotto's, kids can enjoy incredibly animated bowling games to make their bowling experience even more awesome! The birthday celebrity's picture will be taken and become part of the special birthday celebration graphics displayed in the alley to start the day off in a unique and customized way.




Admission For Birthday Star Plus 11 Guests


• Enjoy 1 Hour of Bowling on 2 Lanes

• Reserved Table for Pizza and Presents

• 2 large, 2 Topping Pizzas

• Soft Drinks

$120 - Monday through Thursday

$140 - Friday through Sunday


Corporate & Team Building

At Hooch & Blotto's, make team building fun! Outside-the-workplace activities help employees come together and function as a team. Our BES X Bowling System encourages teamwork and promotes camaraderie. A bowling outing is an excellent way to keep employees motivated and productive.


Be the BEST BOSS IN TOWN! Have your staff rolling on the floor with laughter at your next team building event with YouTunes. Once they take pictures of themselves, YouToons merges them into the scoring animations, turning the guests into hilarious characters on the screen as they bowl. It’s great for corporate or team-building events and even includes a “boss” character.


Battle on the Lanes is a great game to reinforce team building, with a little friendly competition outside the workplace, or try BATTLE ON THE LANES where the more pins you get, the closer you are to destroying your opponent’s castle. Here, it’s okay to talk a little smack and fling a few stones!