Games of Madness

Construct the most original and crazy monster with your best shots! Your monster takes shape as your score increases-starting with the body, then the legs until the monster is complete. Build the coolest creature and post it to social media or print it out and take it home!

Welcome to the age of castles! Throw the ball to fling stones with your catapult and destroy the enemy castle. Bowl after bowl, game after game, expand your kingdom and smile as the enemy fort crumbles to the ground. This Mad Game is a shorter format, fast-paced game designed to entertain and engage the customer. If the player is connected to Facebook with GameConnect, the castle will be posted on his/her wall.

Bowlers can create hilarious avatar characters while they bowl. Starting from a neutral model, the different parts of the character (body, head, arms, etc.) are customized aftereach frame (5 frames/5 changes). The final score determines the look of the avatar! You may not knock down a lot of pins but you can have the COOLEST CHARACTER on the lanes!